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    Three Stories

    Window: I’d go into the garage to smoke. That’s something I’m going to miss during the summer months. Sitting in your garage, boiling heat but it’s your only respite in a house full of craziness. Crappy plastic lawn furniture that can barely hold a 7 foot tall man. I’d look out that window just to make sure my kids didn’t run out there and catch me. I’d lean back in that chair and look up at the ceiling. The ceiling was probably the only part of the garage that wasn’t rotting or rundown from the elements. You’d have to check it to make sure any bees or wasps didn’t try to get in there to build a hive. 

    Birdhouse: Ten dollars at Menards. Thirteen if you count the paint set I bought with it. Set up some newspaper on the kitchen table. Let the girls paint one side of it and I painted the other. Their side was total chaos, a mashup of every color in the set with no rhyme or reason to it. Mine was more precise. I painted our family holding hands. Something out of a Benetton ad with We Are The World playing in the background. Sparrows would build nests in there, at least two different families each summer. The wood is worn down, details are faded but the birds still find use for it. 

    Wagon: Was it a Christmas gift? I don’t remember. What I do remember is the fights it caused between my kids. My oldest getting upset when her little sister would spill her drink it in. How dirty it got after a trip to the zoo. So many zoo trips in that thing. My arm gets sore just thinking about it. I think it has every bump and turn memorized from each zoo trip. That first one over the train tracks as we go into the farm section. We’d stop at each animal and the kids would pile out to see. When it was done they’d get back in. Daddy express ready to take them on to the next. 

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    2010 SSC Tuatara


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    It’s been one year to the day that I first posted any of the shots from my ‘Borrowed Dress’ series. I initially posted them not believing that they would be of any interest to anybody, thinking they would be overlooked, or simply seen as ridiculous. It’s been a hugely pleasant surprise that they…