1. Venom F5

    Venom F5

    Venom F5

  3. milwaukeenns:

    From today’s rally in solidarity with Michael Brown and Dontre Willis, downtown in Red Arrow Park. As of this evening, a group of protestors is still active, having moved to the Municipal Court Building. (Photos by Andrea Waxman)

  4. milwaukier-than-thou:

    friday night drive


  7. livingcolourmusic:

    Happy Birthday to this guy!

  8. livingcolourmusic:

    Happy Birthday #VernonReid !!!

  9. fuckyeahconceptcarz:

    2009 EDAG Light Car Open Source

  10. August 20, 2014

    @ Milwaukee Community Media for Viewers Voice editing.

    {My POS/PITA camera was confused by the lighting conditions; so I experimented and eventually decided to go with this B&W process…}