1. "One of the most healing things you can do is recognize where in your life you are your own poison."
    — Steve Maraboli (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

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  2. prostheticknowledge:

    Material Design Icons

    Google have open-sourced a collection of interface icons which are part of their products and services:

    Today, Google Design are open-sourcing 750 glyphs as part of the Material Design system icons pack. The system icons contain icons commonly used across different apps, such as icons used for media playback, communication, content editing, connectivity, and so on. They’re equally useful when building for the web, Android or iOS.

    Should be useful for designers and developers (and probably abused by net artists).

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  3. by zharth

    Sex is a dessert tray. Dessert is not a fundamental requirement for survival. Each one of us could live without dessert. Indeed, some are of the opinion that declining dessert is the healthier alternative. Nonetheless, indulging in dessert is a pleasure, and - when not done to excess - can be a very satisfying part of one’s life.

    There are many different desserts to choose from, and we all have different tastes. One person might prefer cheesecake, while another drools at the smell of chocolate. You might think that carrot cake is rather unappealing, but there is nothing wrong with it, nor with those who like it. The dessert you choose has no

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  4. sarakstar:

    Did you know that Egypt, has the fewest pyramids in Africa?

    Did you know that Sudan, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe have more pyramids (225 pyramids in Sudan alone) then all of Egypt.

    There are remains of pyramids in South Africa, all the way along the Eastern and Northern parts of Africa and archeologists now believe that they may have found the remains of pyramids in West Africa. Why are we only taught that what is now known as Egypt (that tiny strip of land) is the only place where pyramids are in Africa, when in fact the ENTIRE continent of Africa (nearly 400 pyramids not just the six in Egypt) And Archeologist now believe that the pyramids in southern Africa may be the OLDEST pyramids in the world, followed by The Sudanese and Ethiopian pyramids, the West African pyramid ruins, and the North African Pyramids of so-called Egypt. (And im not even going to get into the fact that there are younger pyramids stretching FROM Africa in China, Italy, Europe and South America) WOW Im Amazed

    neffera tiy maat bringing one truth at a time  Yaaaaaa

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  6. carolynm:

    Black and white.


  7. genderqueermke:

    Livia and Podkayne appeared on the Queer Program a few weeks ago to talk about the Milwaukee Queer Exchange, GQMKE, voting rights and the films GQMKE is presenting for at the Milwaukee LGBT Film Festival.

    Check it out!

  8. Style Choice by zharth
    Think about how you judge the way people dress. And think about the way other people judge how you dress. It would be nice if we could, as a collective society, recognize that “modesty” is a lifestyle choice, and not a moral imperative.

  10. jamesmassino:

    eye test